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SmartDVR Formula™ is a program for operating INTOTECH DVR system. It should be installed on all systems using INTOTECH DVR Board, and is required for running other software that INTOTECH provides.

SmartDVR Formula™ provides you with 1 to 9 audio channels (Supported channel widths vary with different boards) and a maximum of 16 video channels.
Each channel supports either low resolution for less storage space or high resolution for more storage space. There are also 9 audio channels to be used as needed.
Optimum images for different environments can be realized through the various split-screen display modes and color adjustment functions.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 13.3 MB

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    cristian 8 months ago

    It's the worst system DVR I've ever used!
    A big problem is that you cannot use the video file. It's recorded in .iva, which cannot be played by any player.
    I ask for support, and they don't give me anything.
    I catch a thief, and I cannot use the video file for police.